Facebook changing its name

In a recent article on the American website The Verge. Journalist Alex Heath says that Facebook founder and spirit Mark Zuckerberg wants to rename his company.

According to the article, Zuckerberg has expressed the idea several times in the last few months. That his company must now move beyond social media to work on a new identity for itself.

In this regard, they want to give a new identity as a “metaverse” company. Virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. will be made part of the same platform with social media in Metaverse.

It should be noted that the individual names of the social media platforms. i.e. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, will not be changed. But the company behind these and similar services and platforms will be renamed.

There is complete silence from Facebook about the new name and new identity. But Alex Heath claims that Mark Zuckerberg will make the announcement himself at his company’s annual “Connect” event on October 28.