How to create Blog in 2021

How to start a blog in 2021 in 4 easy steps ?

Possibly you love writing, however you don’t know about the tech side of beginning a blog in 2021. Or then again maybe it’s the opposite way around.

1. Figure out your niche in the blogging community

I’ve attended a number of content marketing conferences, and the speakers always stress the same point: Know your niche.

Identifying the specific topic you want to write about is important for a few reasons.

As far as one might be concerned, it assists you with sorting out who your crowd is. When you know who your perusers are (or who you trust they’ll be), you can compose content that will provoke their curiosity.

Second, you want a topic that resonates with you. If you’re bored by your topic, you’ll struggle to post regularly. All your momentum might grind to a halt if you don’t care about what you’re writing.

Third, there are incalculable sites out there, and separate yourself. By narrowing down your plan to a particular specialty, you will not have a huge load of contenders previously expounding on exactly the same thing.

And finally, having a niche will help your blog grow traffic and be successful. If you cast too wide a net, you’ll have trouble retaining readers. They say, “In niches there are riches,” so if you’re looking to monetize your blog, try to stake out your small corner of the internet.

All that said, don’t let strain to characterize your specialty incapacitate you. On the off chance that over-dissecting is preventing you from beginning, toss this thought out the window and sort out your specialty as you go. Not every person is an organizer, so you may be in an ideal situation testing until something fits.

2. Choose a user-friendly web hosting service

Now that you’ve honed in on your killer blog idea, it’s time to move on to the tech sides of starting a blog (don’t be alarmed!).

To get started, you’ll need a hosting service to host your website and register your domain name.

Nonetheless, there are a few downsides to free facilitating. You probably won’t have the option to pick a modified area name, and you regularly will not have as numerous choices for apparatuses, plan, or customization.

In case you’re not hoping to develop traffic or adapt your blog, a free facilitating administration could be fine. In any case, in case you are wanting to transform your blog into a side hustle or even everyday work, I suggest paying for a facilitating administration.



3. Pick a unique and memorable domain name

Your next order of business is to choose a unique domain name for your website.

In the event that you haven’t picked one yet, you can forge ahead in the Nuwair Systems arrangement cycle and add your area name later. However, you’ll need a space name at last so your site can get fully operational.

Coming up with the right domain name can be the hardest part. You want something memorable and unique, short and snappy, clear but creative.

If you’re struggling to come up with a meaningful name, I recommend sitting down with a piece of paper and doing some free word association.


4. Pick a theme and design your website

So you’ve set up hosting, registered your domain name, and installed WordPress. Now comes the fun part — designing your blog!

WordPress comes with a number of free and paid themes, each with their own look and feel. Play around to see which one resonates with you.

Along with choosing a theme, you can also create various pages, such as an About Me page, a Contact Me page, and of course, your blog page where your blog posts will live.

By the way, no one will see your blog while it’s under construction. Nuwair Systems will set up a “Wordpress site coming soon!” message until you choose to publish your site.

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