WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application, also allows users to monitor their bank accounts.

WhatsApp has introduced ‘WhatsApp Pay’ facility in different countries of the world. Through which users are also transacting money.
The company has now expanded the scope of this feature to allow users to have a complete look at their bank account, after which they will be able to easily know their account transaction details and outstanding balance at any time.

How will the user use the feature?

Those who have access to WhatsApp Pay will first have to enable the option of Bank to Bank Transaction with the help of Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
After that the user’s WhatsApp number will be linked to the account, when he enters his bank account number in payment method then all the details will appear like statement.

How to use for Android and iOS users

First open the WhatsApp, go to Settings option and click on Payment where the bank account payment method will appear, after clicking it the account will open in front of you but the balance will not be visible, which It will be necessary to enter the UPI PIN.