Ways to gain followers to your Twitter account

The reason why the microblogging site Twitter is more important than other social media platforms can be gauged from the fact that only one tweet on it. Becomes the main story of the mainstream media and the reason is That is probably the only platform that has a 100% accurate accounting method called Blue Tick.

Before that, Twitter has certain standards and requirements that must be met, after which the company verifies the account.

Today, every second or third person has an account on Twitter. But there is no chain of friend requests. But users are followed, which means that all their tweets, retweets and comments come to your wall. That’s why followers on Twitter are so important.

Many people have the problem that they have created accounts on Twitter but the number of followers is very low. Don’t worry if you are one of them we will tell you how to increase followers.

Highlights of the day and trends

You should pay attention to the daily happenings and follow the trends on Twitter. Then tweet to express your opinion on the same topics.

The advantage of this is that most users search for things related to current affairs on Twitter. You will come across them as a result of this search. Also, be sure to include hashtags at the bottom to spread your message or message as much as possible.

Write brand names

Most small brands are looking for people who comment positively on their products, so the companies pick up and retweet such tweets and put them on their accounts so that your feedback reaches a lot of people. Arrives and many of them follow you.

Reply to tweets from big brands

Reply to tweets from major companies with positive comments such as interest, peacock art, good job, etc. If you do, your comment will give you access to all the fans and agents of that company.

Participate in user discussions

The more engaged you are on Twitter, the more followers you will have, for example if you follow a famous actor, poet, sportsman, writer, politician or any other person, comment on their tweets. If they have spoken on an important issue, respond in such a way that they comment on your response and then you also express your views so that the chain will grow.

Schedule tweets

Most Twitter users make the mistake of tweeting too much in the morning or at any time of the day, but as soon as they get up from the computer or put their mobile phone in their pocket, they leave Twitter, even though they have a way. That they can still be active on Twitter.

However, this requires them to schedule tweets that are shared at regular intervals even in their absence, which obviously gets the attention of the users and thus increases the chances of increasing followers as millions of people including 24 hours. Stay online at night while remembering that if you have night, it is day in many parts of the world.

How to schedule tweets

The method of scheduling tweets is not difficult, all you have to do is go to the scheduling option by typing a tweet or attaching a photo, video, etc. and select the time and date there, then you will automatically Will be tweeted.

Use good sentences

When you write some poems or sayings in your tweet, you should also write the name of the poet or author below, so that other users will form a good opinion about you and will also follow you. Similarly, whenever a user searches for the name of this poet or author, your tweets will automatically come to them.