YouTube offers the option of closing the number of dislikes

YouTube has announced a major change to its video interface. The Company saying that the dislike option on video will be kept secret from others. According to YouTube, a large number of people are consciously disregarding a video by disliking it.

According to YouTube, dislike is also being used as a weapon in attacks. The value of videos is being devalued.

“Viewer groups use the Dislike button on their numbers and it is used as a scoreboard in a game. Sometimes the dislike button is pressed on the video. Just because they don’t like the creator. Which can lead to personal resentment as well as disgust with the subject. YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a chance to express themselves, “the company said in a statement.

Now, earlier this year, the number of dislikes was experimentally privatized on some channels. According to YouTube, there was a decrease in awareness campaigns to increase dislike.

However, viewers will see the YouTube button, but it will not be counted. This will help reduce the dislike of the video’s target. In this way it will be possible to stop the flood of dislikes. According to YouTube, small YouTube attacks are often disliked and thwarted in the beginning. The Company has also noticed this trend when it was considered further.

According to the company, opponents try to thwart it by disliking their rival brand and movie trailer. This effect of social media is very real. Similarly, in India, there was a controversy between the famous YouTuber and TikTokers. In which the two groups looked down on each other. Disliked each other, and even the apps themselves.