How to Choose the Right Reseller Hosting for Your Needs

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a web hosting service in which the account owner can use their allocated resources to host websites for third parties. A reseller buys hosting from a hosting provider and then sells out sections of that hosting to their own clients.

A web hosting firm administers the data centers, servers, and resources with reseller hosting, but the reseller controls the account and resells the services as their own. Whether you want to use a reseller, become a reseller, or simply assess your alternatives, here’s what you need to know:

How Reseller Hosting Works

When done correctly, reseller web hosting offers several advantages. To maintain their hosting accounts, a reseller will work directly with the parent hosting provider. Resellers are frequently given discounts by parent hosts in exchange for purchasing in bulk and working as a salesperson for them. The reseller will then market the resources of the parent company as their own. The reseller will essentially share the server resources of the account or accounts it handles. The account will thereafter be managed and maintained by the parent company. Many hosting firms offer reseller packages.

Reseller Hosting

Common Features of Reseller Hosting Packages

If you want to become a reseller host, several hosting firms will provide packages built specifically for reselling their services. Here are some examples of typical reseller packages offered by parent hosting companies:

  • Account administration
  • Disk space  
  • Bandwidth
  • Domain hosting

You will also be able to promote the parent company’s features and services as your own. Email account management, control panels, and monitoring tools are examples of such tools.

Benefits of Choosing a Reseller Host

Why would you cooperate with a reseller rather than the main hosting company? Reseller hosts frequently provide additional services as part of a package sale. A reseller may provide graphic design, digital marketing, database development, website design, and other services in addition to hosting. Resellers frequently begin as businesses that provide a single service, such as website design, and subsequently realize. They require web hosting for both themselves and their clients. As a result, rather than sending their clients elsewhere, they will resell hosting services and serve as a one-stop shop for you.

This is advantageous to you because you will not have to bother about website hosting. Your reseller will deal with the parent corporation on your behalf. If you have downtime or bandwidth issues, you must notify the reseller. If they are unable to fix the problem independently, they will collaborate with the parent firm to do so. You can also save money by purchasing hosting services from a reseller. Because resellers frequently acquire server resources in bulk, their parent firm may provide them discounts, resulting in savings for you as well.

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

To take full advantage of reseller hosting, your reseller must be dependable and trustworthy. If you do not engage with a reliable reseller, you may end up paying more for hosting services than if you worked directly with the original firm. Resellers can charge for some features that the parent firm might supply for free. Check reviews and investigate possible resellers to discover how honest and trustworthy they are, as with most products and services.

Support is another downside of reseller hosting. If you have a problem with your hosting service that your reseller is unable to resolve, it may take longer to resolve. The reseller would need to take your issues to the parent firm and ask for assistance. In some circumstances, cutting out the intermediary and getting straight to the source would result in a faster answer. This should not be a problem if you have a trustworthy and skilled reseller. 

How to Become a Nuwair Systems Networks Reseller Host

If you believe your business matches our web hosting services, you can easily become a Nuwair Systems Networks reseller web host!

Assume you develop websites for a few clients and have additional projects on the horizon. You need to locate a dependable host for your expanding business, and you want to ensure that you get the greatest bargain for your customers. What happens when you’ve decided Nuwair Systems Networks is the ideal fit for you and your clients due to our unrivaled quality, dependability, and transparency?

Step One: Register Three Accounts

Before you may become a reseller, you must first register three active packages on a single billing account. If you are not in a hurry to host all of your websites, you can take advantage of this opportunity to try out Nuwair Systems’ services. Begin by registering one account at a time and seeing how things go. We have a courteous and competent support team, as well as a range of handy tools for our simple account control center.

Step Two: Manage Your Accounts

Once you’ve created your official reseller account and assigned a reseller ID, you can manage all of your accounts from one location! You can do the following when you log in to your Nuwair Systems Networks reseller account:

  • Add or remove accounts in the Reseller Control Center
  • Add multiple types of packages such as shared hosting, Word Press hosting, and VPS hosting
  • Make payments for all of your services from a single billing account

Now, you’re all set to be a part of Nuwair Systems network resellers! As the manager of the reseller hosting account, you become the primary point of contact for any support difficulties that your clients encounter, such as email problems and password resets. You can add more users to your packages so that they can share the load if you become overburdened with tech support issues.

Are you ready to become a Nuwair Systems Networks Reseller? Get started from Nuwair Systems or contact our Sales Team to learn more!

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