Search Engine Marketing and Its Types

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is related to a higher ranking on search engines when a different user searches for different services that are related to your business. It is the best way to improve how a customer finds your product and boosts your business on the first search engine result page.

SEM falls into both categories organic or inorganic sometimes we don’t have time and we preferred inorganic marketing. Inorganic traffic depends on our budget on the other hand organic traffic depends on time. We can choose any type of marketing according to the customer’s needs and tastes.

Why SEM is important?

With time, we have adopted the modern age and everyone wants to get more progress in his/her life. Technology has changed and made fast the world and we know we cannot achieve our desired result without using any type of technology.

At present time every business needs digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. SEM generates high-quality traffic, generates visibility, and also we get after-marketing measurable results.

In simple words SEM:

As we know when we have quires or any type of question so the first thing that comes to our mind is GOOGLE. We must open our phones and hit Google and search for our query after we get different results about our query.

Types of Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Optimization is the process of ranking higher in a search engine such as Google. Because searching is only one way in which people discover different types of content and it also increases traffic to your website.

3 Types of SEO

  • On-page SEO ( blog, product, copy, web copy ) anything on your web pages
  • Of page SEO   ( backlinks) anything that happens away from your website that helps with your SEO strategy 
  • Technical SEO (site indexing to help bot crawling.)anything undertakes to improve search ranking

SEM versus SEO

Search engine marketing describes paid search marketing, in which businesses pay Google in exchange for search engines to display their ads in search results.

SEO is different because it is not related to paid search marketing. Instead, SEO is achieved through organic traffic, and businesses must rank on search engine results pages by targeting their content to specific keyword searches.

But both SEO and SEM are integral parts of the development of your online marketing strategy. SEO is the best and most suitable option for long-term growth, and PPC, or pay-per-click, is perfect for businesses that want to get immediate results and generates sales.


No doubt search engine marketing is the greatest way to increase the visibility and brand awareness of your company, business, and website to reach more users.  Before starting you set out to create a strong SEM strategy, you need to make sure that you understand your website’s users and potential customers.

This can be possible if you understand the relevant keywords to use, which is essential for search engine marketing that works. If you want to optimize your content, it is best to use both SEO and SEM in your marketing strategy to achieve long-term growth.

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