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Software development is the process of creating a program using a specific programming language to perform a particular task. The software project is designed to give you an overview of an understanding of what software development is and the most important component in software development.

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Types of Software Development

Basically, software belongs to two types based on its use and application.

  • System software
  • Application software

System Software

It is designed to provide a platform for another software example of system software windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Blackberry, Android, etc. it controls computer hardware components.

Application Software

It is used to perform tasks on computers and smartphones. And, it also helps the user to perform multiple tasks. Application software help to solve real-life problems. It is also helpful in carrying out business processes. Example of Application Software 

  • Microsoft products such as PowerPoint, excel, office, etc.
  • Internet browsers like chrome and safari.
  • Multimedia software such as MX Player and VLC Media Player.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

There are six basic steps that define the process of Software Development. It is a sequence of steps that take place during software development.

  • General analysis and planning  
  • Product design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Deployment of product
  • Product Maintenance  and operations

Importance of SDLC in business

 The software development lifecycle is not only a way to ensure that you meet the needs of your business and users, but it’s also essential in supporting the app once it’s published.

It enables the production of high quality in the shortest possible production time.  Its aim is to produce superior software that meets all customer expectations and demands.

  • It provides a standard framework that defines activities
  • It helps in project planning
  • It simplifies project tracking and control.
  • It enhances visibility on all aspects of the lifecycle for all stakeholders involved in the development process.
  • It increases the speed of development.
  • It improves client relations.
  • It reduces project risks.
  • This reduces project management costs and the overall cost of production.
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