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What is SEO?

The SEO process is a way to optimize our website and different sales channels to get better results in SERP. SEO stands for search engine optimization, in simple words, it means to enable your site visibility when people search specific products or services related to your business or brand.

Find Keywords for SEO

Keywords research is the simplest process of finding keywords related to your business. In this process, we can use different keyword research tools such as MOZ Bar, and Google keyword planner, SEO All-in-one. After finding different keywords make a list of all keywords on a different spreadsheet. Before finalizing keywords analyze all keywords through their search volume.  For example, if you provide SEO services so you can select different keywords, SEO services, SEO Companies, and SEO specialist

Select keywords as primary and secondary keywords

After selecting a list of keywords select one keyword as the primary keyword and other keywords as secondary keywords. Primary keywords help to complete our SEO process.

Put Primary keywords in the page title

Put primary keywords in the page title because it is the most important thing that Google and other search engine evaluate to determine what a web page is about.  It appears on the top of the web page result in the SERP. The page title must be short and precise. The title length is based on 65 characters.

Put Primary keywords in the Meta description

A Meta description is a short paragraph that appears on the search engine result page. It provides a summary of the web page. It is a short snippet of 165 characters and it should also be short, simple, and precise.

Put Primary keywords in the page URL

Google and other search engines also use the text of a page’s URL to determine the content of a web page. You should use your keyword or phrase specifically in the slug to maintain the SEO process. URL is the best way to signal potential site visitors that what is the web page about. It helps to improve clicks through the rate whenever links are shared.

SEO Guideline

Put Primary keywords in the H1 text

H1 text is usually the title of an article or some large bold text at the top of your page. Google and other search engines can see this, and they give more importance to words in the H1 text. Make sure your Primary keyword or phrase is there. It also helps in better crawling and understanding what your page or article is about.

Here is an example of Nuwair System| Digital Marketing Agency

seo process

Put Secondary Keywords in H2, H3, and page content

If article content is based on H2 and H3 so it is necessary to put all secondary keywords in H2, H3, and page content. It helps to gain organic traffic on different keywords e.g.

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Build a Link to your page for SEO

Once you have completed all processes to different search engines through your relevant keywords. Now it’s time to build inbound links to your website from an authoritative website related to your brand or industry.

This is one of the most important SEO steps you can take to increase the authority of a website. The number and quality of links pointing to your website are important enough for Google and other search engines to evaluate your ranking on different terms. If people are linking to you, it means your site offers authentic, reliable information on a specific topic.

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