How to Fix “Server Error (5xx)” in Google Search Console

Server error (5xx) in GSC shows why a few pages remain unindexed. Server error (5xx) indicates that: Server error (5xx) is the main problem that addresses two essential reasons. What is the cause for the “Server error (5xx)” in Google Search Console? GSC shows that server error (5xx) status for those URLs that Googlebot was unable to access because of server error. Google won’t start […]


How to Fix Excluded by ‘no index’ tag in GSC | Nuwair Systems

“Excluded by no index tag” is a GSC that shows marked your URL with the no index tag. Google will find and crawl that URL but doesn’t index it. According to the particular situation, the solution to this problem may involve: Reason for Google Search Console status “Excluded by no index tag” If you are using the no-indexed tag that prevents Google and other search […]

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