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What is Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the method of creating software applications that run on an android mobile device. The mobile app allows people to interact directly with each other and build a connection. A mobile app will be helpful in business and create a true and sincere connection with customers. Mobile app help in different aspects because this world is turning into a digital world.  Mobile app development is a specific platform, and you must need different skills to develop a mobile app for an android device.

Process of Mobile App Development

If you are developing a mobile app application, you first need to explore the process of mobile app development. So we have divided the mobile app development process into 9 keys.

  • Confirm the idea
  • Market Research
  • Development
  • User interface testing
  • Releasing

Confirm the Idea

When you are planning for a specific task and before planning to proceed you have to need to answer the following question

  • App Objective
  • Targeted Audience
  • Competitors Analysis
  • App Investment
  • App Marketing 

Market Research

  • Define your objective and customer persona
  • Prepare your research survey question
  • Identify a portion of that persona
  • Speak to people in your targeted customer business
  • Keep survey informative
  • List your market competitors

Advantages of Market research

  • Get a clear idea about your customer interest
  • A better understanding of your customer
  • Identify the business opportunities
  • Discover the feature list and demands of customers


Development is the stage where you begin to write the code for the final version of the app. This is where you use the feedback you receive from the wireframe and make some final, possibly big, decisions.

Also, it is very important to integrate an analytics engine into your app during this phase. Create different events for all possible user interactions so you can see how your app is being used and the general flow of users. This information will be very useful for learning about your users and further iterating your app design once it’s out to the world so you can create the best product possible.

 User Interface Testing

Testing will also pay off later in the maintenance phase of your app. When you make a change, you can run all your test cases and identify where your changes may have broken other parts of the app, without having to manually run a human through each test case.


This is the step where you will submit your app to the play store for approval. It’s important to learn this process because you’ll be doing it every time you release a new version of the app. At this point in the development process, you should have worked out most of the major bugs your testers found and you should have a quality app that passes the guidelines for your uploaded store.

Congratulations! Your app is available to the public. But your work is not over. After releasing your app, you’re basically back to the prototyping phase. You’ll review your users’ feedback, possibly add new features, and then re-release. As you improve your product for your audience over time, these 5 steps will close.

This is also the most important stage where you start marketing your product. Marketing strategy and social media efforts planned and developed before this stage should give your app a chance to be seen in the wild.

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